Create New Company & Contact

1. To create a new contact, first, go to the Contacts page, then click "Create".

2. At the new contact form, select "Company", then fill in the Company Name, Address, Phone Number, and any other relevant information.

3. To add in any individual contact relating to the Company, go to the Contact & Addresses tab and click "Add".

4. At the Create Contact window, select "Contact", then fill in the necessary information related to the individual.

5. Once done, click "Save & Close" or "Save & New" while at the Create Contact window.

NOTE: Clicking “Save & New” allows you to easily create another Contact for the Company contact.

6. Click "Save" again on the new contact form to save the Company contact.

7. The Contact created will be shown under each related Company.

8. The newly created Company and Contact will be shown in one single view in the Contacts.

Written by Eric Kek
Updated August 2, 2021